ACT English Practice

Welcome to our free online directory of the best websites for ACT English practice. The English portion of the ACT is challenging, and you will definitely want to work through a lot of practice test questions. Our directory lists only high quality sites that are completely free. Check out our listings below to get started now!

Free ACT English Practice

Sample Test Questions.  A great set of 15 ACT English questions straight from the company that publishes the test. This will give you a great idea of exactly how these questions will be formatted on your actual test.

ACT English Practice. These English practice tests from High School Test Prep are the best ones available. They are set up just like the real test and the questions are rather challenging. Answers and explanations are included. Definitely give these a try!

Crack ACT.  Over 70 ACT English practice test questions from Crack ACT. Includes 2 full-length practice tests as well.

Varsity Tutors.  Varsity Tutors has a huge collection of ACT English practice tests. Some of the tests are passage-based questions, just like the real ACT, while others test you on individual sentences. Overall, these questions are very challenging.

ACT Grammar and Usage Video and Rhetoric Video.  These videos from McGraw Hill have some great tips and strategies for answering ACT English questions.

4 Key Things to Know and Strategies.  A couple of excellent YouTube videos that includes some great tips and strategies for ACT English.

Video Tips.  These Brightstorm ACT English videos cover punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, organization, strategy, style, and test-taking tips.

More Resources

About the ACT English Test

The ACT English Test is 45 minutes long and contains 75 multiple choice questions testing your English usage, mechanics, and rhetorical skills. Usage/Mechanics skills that are tested include punctuation, grammar, usage, and sentence structure. The rhetorical skills that are tested include strategy, organization, and style. Spelling and vocabulary are not tested.

There are five prose passages on the test, and they are each accompanied by a number of multiple choice questions. Many of the questions refer to underlined sections of the prose passage, and offer three alternatives. You will then select the most appropriate wording based on the context of the passage. If the original wording is best, then you should choose the fourth alternative, which is “no change.” Other questions will ask about an entire section of the passage or about the passage as a whole. Working through ACT English practice questions is the best type of test prep for this section.