ACT Math Practice

Looking to do some ACT Math practice? We have put together this directory to help you find the very best free online resources for ACT Math practice. We only post high quality sites that are easy to use and completely free. Whether you are looking for ACT math problems, practice questions, tips, or strategies, we can point you in the right direction. During your test prep you should try to work through as many practice problems as you can. Check out our directory, and get started now!

Free ACT Math Practice

Sample Math Problems. These are the math practice problems from the official ACT website. Five sample tests with 12 questions each. A great way to review with actual ACT Math problems.

ACT Math Questions. A great selection of ACT Math practice questions. A total of 100 questions divided into 10 online practice tests. Each test is rated for difficulty. Questions are scored instantly and thorough explanations are included.

Crack ACT Math.  A huge collection of ACT Math practice questions. There are 70 short practice exams and a couple of full-length ones as well.

ACT for Dummies Test 1Answers 1
ACT for Dummies Test 2 — Answers 2
ACT for Dummies Test 3 — Answers 3.
The publisher of the popular Dummies series of books has published 3 of their test online. If you’re looking for an ACT Math practice test PDF, these are great options.

ACT Math Sample 1 and Sample 2.  Analyzemath has two practice tests with a total of 90 free ACT math problems. A great collection of questions with some really challenging problems. Includes answers and detailed explanations.

Varsity Tutors Math.  Dozens of free ACT math problem sets. Interactive scoring with explanations. Each question is also rated for difficulty level and average answer time.

ACT Math Guides.  Be sure to review these facts, formulas, and strategies from Erik The Red before you take your test. The facts and formulas sheet is an 8-page PDF with the most important formulas you need to know. The strategy guide is 2-pages with some excellent tips.

15 Concepts Video.  This is great YouTube video that review 15 major concepts that you will need to know for this section of the ACT. An excellent review!

Math Prep Videos.  These ACT math videos from Brightstorm are fantastic. Six videos in all covering pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Test-taking strategies, math tips, and more.

More Resources

About the ACT Math Test

The ACT Math test is 60 minutes long and has 60 questions. It is multiple choice, and is designed to measure the math skills that are typically acquired in courses that students have taken by the time they complete the 11th grade. You will be required to use your mathematical reasoning skills to solve the problems. Knowledge of basic formulas is needed along with basic computational skills. You do not need to know complex formulas and will not need to perform extensive computations. After working through some ACT practice problems you will get a better idea of what to expect.

You may use a calculator on the ACT Math test, but not on any other portion of the ACT. However, calculators are not required and every problem on the test can be solved without one. For details on which calculators are permitted and which ones are prohibited, you may want to review the ACT Calculator Policy.