ACT Reading Practice

This is our complete listing of the best websites that have free ACT Reading practice. Each of these sites has high quality ACT Reading practice tests that are free and easy to access. We also have links to study guides and videos that will teach you important test-taking tips and strategies.

Free ACT Reading Practice

ACT Sample Questions.  These are the official reading sample questions at the ACT website. Four passages with 10 questions for each passage. These are going to be very similar to the questions on your actual test, so be sure to review these.

ACT Reading Practice Tests.  High School Test Prep offers a couple of great ACT Reading tests. These have some challenging questions that will really help you improve your reading comprehension skills.

Crack ACT.  Over 50 online ACT Reading practice tests including 2 full-length tests. If you are looking for lots of practice questions, definitely check these out.

Varsity Tutors Reading.  Some of the best, free ACT reading practice questions can be found over at Varsity Tutors. Dozens of passages to work through, focusing mainly on prose fiction.

Strategy Guide.  This online strategy guide is great for your ACT Reading prep. It’s packed with 10 pages of review tips including 8 strategies, 12 tactics, and a suggested books list.

Reading Videos.  These videos from Brightstorm are a great test prep resource. A complete overview of the reading section, a thorough analysis of all of the question types, tips for reading the passages, and more. These are long and detailed videos, so make sure you have enough time and a quiet place where you can really focus on this valuable information.

3 Steps to Raise your Score and 4 Key Things to Know.  These YouTube videos have some fantastic tips, tricks, and strategies.

More Resources

About the ACT Reading Test

The ACT Reading test measures your reading comprehension skills. The test is 35 minutes long and there are 40 multiple choice questions to answer. After reading the passages, you will answer questions about direct statements as well as implied meanings.

There are four sections. Each of the sections has either a long prose passage or two shorter prose passages. The passages are at the reading level of a typical first-year college course. The topics covered in the passages are prose fiction, social studies, natural science, and the humanities. For sections with two passages, some of the questions may involve both of the readings.