ACT Writing Tips

Start your ACT Writing practice with our directory of websites that have the best ACT Writing tips. All of these resources focus on the new ACT Essay that was rolled out in September of 2015. These links lead to the best free online information to help you with your test prep. Whether you are looking for ACT essay tips, essay examples, writing prompts, test prep videos, or practice questions, we have them all here. Get started now with these great ACT Writing tips.

Free ACT Writing Tips

Sample Question 1.  An official ACT Writing practice essay from ACT, Inc. This prompt follows the new format that was introduced in September of 2015. This website also includes 6 sample essays, representing the scores from 1 to 6. This is the best place to start your essay preparation.

Sample Question 2.  Another official ACT Writing practice essay can be found on page 54 of the 2015-2016 booklet called “Preparing for the ACT Test.” This new format is challenging, so be sure to write lots of practice essays!

Essay Rubric.  This is the official ACT Writing rubric. It shows exactly how the reader will score your essay.

ACT Writing Prompts.  This site has some great sample prompts. These are perfect for writing practice essays.

Practice Essay.  Magoosh has also published a practice essay prompt from for the new ACT essay. Another good question to use for your essay writing practice.

How to Write a New Killer ACT Essay.  This is a 3-part video series on the new ACT essay, presented by author Tom Clements. Reviews the prompt, the three perspectives, and a sample essay. Gives a great overview of how to approach this challenging section of the test.

Overview and Outline (Part 1).  This article by Erica Meltzer provides a great overview of the new essay along with tips and strategies for success. Includes an outline that shows exactly how you can organize your essay.

Supporting Viewpoints (Part 2).  Part 2 of Erica Meltzer’s ACT Writing article shows how to introduce and discuss supporting viewpoints.

Counterarguments (Part 3).  Part 3 in this great series of articles covers the most difficult part of the new essay: The Counterargument.

Video Lesson.  This is a free 1-hour lesson from John Castellano on how to write the new ACT essay. Very detailed information here!

More Resources

About the ACT Writing Test

The ACT Writing test is optional, but some colleges require it. The test is 40 minutes long and requires you to write one essay. A writing prompt is given that describes an issue and provides 3 different perspective on that issue. You will need to evaluate and analyze the given perspectives, and develop your own perspective. You should also explain the relationship between the given perspectives and your own. Your score is not affected by the point of view you take on the issue.